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Name:Curie (Plague Doctor)
This is an RP journal for the Plague Doctor character from Darkest Dungeon.

Curie is a plague doctor, hailing from a medieval setting where prayer is still more effective than actual medicine, or 'medicine' rather. She IS an actual doctor and can apply basic medical aid, but her methods are limited. Having said that, she's constantly researching new things, usually seeking to isolate and analyze new diseases, or brew new concoctions to fight said diseases. She's developed various chemicals to fight the Blight and others to act as blinding powder or poison, among other things. She's very smart, but can get full of herself at times, and a touch defensive of her career choice. And since few people want to trust a doctor in her world, she's developed a penchant for acting more like a saleswoman than a doctor.

When under great stress, prone to becoming Irrational, Paranoid, or Fearful, but might turn Vigorous or Focused.

This will be expanded upon at a later date (probably).
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